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I. Art, Culture, Charity


1. Saigon TV: VAC Show - Hoa Gấm Việt (The Việt Quintessence)

2. 2nd City Council Art Gallery & Performance Space: Mosaic Contest & Exhibition - Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic

3. VAC: Photography Contest & Exhibition – The Beauty of Nature: USA & Vietnam

4. VAC: Performance Art School at St. Anselm Episcopal Church

5. VAC: Teaching in Vietnam

6. CSU-Long Beach: Summer Vietnamese Language Program in Vietnam


II. VAC’s 2009 Exhibition at the Westminster Rose Center, CA


III. Press Release of Interest and “All Things Considered”


1. LA Times: My-Thuan Tran: Vietnamese in San Jose might recall one of their own – The case of Madison Nguyen




Friends of Viet Art,


For those who are living in San Jose, today is special election! Unfortunately, the vote is not to bring someone to the office, but for the first time, to decide the recall of a young Vietnamese-American woman, Madison Nguyen (check out My-Thuan Tran’s article in link below).


As this recall election is now an unavoidable reality, the Vietnamese-American now have experienced all five (5) tastes of politics: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and hot.  No matter what the outcome would be, it is a very sad day for many of Vietnamese living around the world.


For those Vietnamese-American who spends most of your day arguing anonymously with each other or mocking the division of the Vietnamese-American community on public forum, and even acting as though you are not part of (or above) the Vietnamese-American community, I have an advice for you: In America, talk is cheap. Therefore, if you are happy or unhappy with the Vietnamese-American politics, go out, vote and/or do something, your voice will surely be heard.


With this note, I am sending my best wish to San Jose Councilwoman Madison Nguyen. If Madison is recalled, “Regroup and run again” (quoted of Madison Nguyen), that’s an inspirational spirit!


Please see the below details for two upcoming mosaic and photography contests hosted by 2nd City Council Art Gallery and Viet Art Center.


After months of preparation, VAC are ready to organize several upcoming art and cultural projects, please stay tune for more details and help VAC to achieve our missions.


On another note, we are in need of a used copier, if you have one, please kindly contact us :=).

Peace and Love,

Michelle Phương Thảo


I. Art, Culture, Charity


1. VAC Show - Hoa Gấm Việt (Việt Quintessence)


Executive Producer: Nam Nguyễn - Saigon TV


Host: Michelle Phương Thảo


Special Guest: Writer Quyên Di (UCLA/CSU-Long Beach)


“Hoa Gấm Việt” Logo Design: Artist Trần Đình Thục (USA)


Theme Music:  Tình Hoài Hương (Nostalgia) - Music & Lyric: Phạm Duy - Performance: Đức Tuấn


Contributing Illustrations by:  


Artists: Nguyễn Thị Hợp (USA), Nguyễn Đồng (USA), Nguyên Khai (USA), Nguyễn Rĩ (USA), Nguyễn Văn Bảy (USA), Lê Thanh (VN), Hồ Nam (VN), Thục Quyên (VN), Trần Quang Minh (VN), Nguyễn Tuân (VN), Đăng Học (VN), Phạm Hoàng (USA)


Photographers: Nguyễn Đức Cung (USA), Jesse Nguyễn (USA), Diana Thái (USA), Sĩ Huỳnh (USA), Thanh Lam (USA), Phạm Vũ Nguyễn (VN), Nguyên Phạm (VN), Trí Lê (USA), Uyển Diễm (USA), Thọ Lê (VN), Thành Đạt (VN), Vỹ Hoàng (USA), Benjamin Vũ (USA)


Stage Design & Production: Dũng Phan


Program Editor: Khoa Phạm


Make-up Artist: Thạch Thảo


Contributing and Sponsoring Organizations:

Vietnamese Photographic Society of California (PCSVN) –

Đắc Tài Group

Vietnamese Ethnology Museum (Viện Bảo Tàng Dân Tộc Học Việt Nam) –

Vietnamese Photography Group - Nhóm Ảnh Việt

Bướm Đêm Music Productions


And many other contributing artists and photographers for the show.


These “Hoa Gấm Việt” programs currently are broadcasting on all channels of Saigon TV:


  1. Văn Hóa Ngày Xuân 1&2: Tết Culture
  2. Dáng Xưa 1&2: The Olden Elegance
  3. Mái Ấm Nhà Xưa 1&2: The Old Warm Houses


About Saigon TV: Saigon TV is the only Vietnamese-American media company offering 24/7 TV on all free to air channels, locally in California and nationwide (US and Canada).


You can watch Saigon TV on the following channels:


-          KXLA Channel 44 Los Angeles

-          KTSF Channel 26 San Francisco

-          Comcast Channel 2 Sacramento

-          Comcast Channel 69 Stockton

-          AMC 4 Satellite Nationwide (US& Canada)

-          Galaxy Nationwide (US & Canada)


Contact Saigon TV to learn the date/time of “Hoa Gấm Việt” program, advertisement, sponsorship,  and/or how to watch free 24/7 Saigon TV (


-          Local (Westminster, CA):                         714-230-8476

-          Toll-free:                                               800-532-7403


2. Mosaic Contest & Exhibition - Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic

Organized and sponsored by

2nd City Council Art Gallery & Performance Space


About Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic

2nd City Council Art Gallery + Performance Space announces a Call for Artists for Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic. Mosaic is an ancient medium and “Tesserae” are the small pieces used to make up a mosaic the tiny bits that create the larger picture. We invite mosaic artists from around the country to share their work as a window into this popular art form.

The exhibition will be a dialogue between artists working in all media of mosaic: tile, glass, broken crockery, ceramic, polymer clay, mixed-media, and more. The exhibition itself becomes the Mosaic. It reflects the diverse ways in which this exciting medium is used for artistic expression, creativity and growth.

This juried exhibition is open to all mosaic artists (domestic and international)

MOSAIC media only. No video and film accepted. Photos of mosaic installations, murals, or architectural applications are not accepted for this exhibition.

Exhibition:  June 27, 2009 – August 5, 2009. 

Juror: Lillian Sizemore. Please see bio below.

Entry Receipt Deadline:  Sunday, May 10, 2009. 

Reception: Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cash Awards:  $500, $300, $200 and $100 plus the infamous eye opener award.

Entry Fee: $10 per entry for members, $20 per entry for non-members.  Three detail images only per piece.  Volunteer hours at the gallery or online welcome.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinate, Judy Cocuzza at

For a prospectus or more information regarding the exhibition please email Cheryl at or visit our website at

JUROR:  Ms. Sizemore has worked as a professional artist for nearly 30 years, and has been working in mosaics since 1995.   Along with co-founding The San Francisco Mosaic Studio, She has authored more than 20 articles, and has been featured in numerous books and magazines, including Mosaic Techniques and Traditions by Sonia King, and Mosaic Art and Style by JoAnn Locktov. Her travel book, A Guide to Mosaic Sites:  San Francisco, along with her educational website  Lillian has created and consulted on numerous site-specific mosaic murals, façades, and private commissions not only in the Bay Area, but internationally, as well.

For the past three years she has worked in conjunction with two of Getty Villa's exhibitions, Stories in Stone: Conserving Mosaics of Roman Africa, and Jim Dine: Poet Singing, conducting demonstrations and educational workshops for the exhibits. She is a frequent visiting artist and instructor at the Institute of Mosaic Art, in Oakland, California. Currently, her workshop, "Mosaics from the Mind's Eye: Connecting to Your Creative Power", explores one's secret inner biography by combining meditation with mosaic-making and the mandala form.  She is a graduate of Indiana University with double degrees in Italian and Fine Arts Printmaking and has several new projects in the works.

Ms. Sizemore has reviewed and curated many exhibitions, and is excited to be participating in 2nd City Council’s first Mosaic Exhibition.


3. Photography Contest & Exhibition – The Beauty of Nature: USA & Vietnam

Organizing by Việt Art Center

Sponsoring by Westminster Rose Center Gallery


Nature is miraculously beautiful and deserves to be loved. We owe a responsibility to our future generations: that is to protect and to preserve nature. VAC is calling all photographers around the world to join us to celebrate “The Beauty of Nature” of the two countries: USA and Vietnam. Let’s bring awareness to the earth-friendly “green living” for the benefit of nature, ourselves, and our posterity.


Exhibition Location: Westminster Rose Center Gallery

14140 All American Way, Westminster, CA 92683

Exhibition Period:  

August 1, 2009 – October 31, 2009. 


Howard Lavick – Professor, Dept. Chair, School Director and Acting Dean, Film & Television School,  Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA (LMU)

Michael Little – Vice President, Friends of Vinh Son Montanard Orphanage (FOVS)

Richard Turner – Professor, Studio Art, Art History & Co-Director, Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange CA

Entry Receipt Deadline:

Sunday, July 5, 2009. 

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prizes and Awards:  

Up to 200 photos will be chosen for exhibition

$1000, $500, $300 and $200, award recognition, and invitation to appear on Saigon TV show: Access USA&Vietnam

Entry Fee:

$45 per entry. Three (3) detail images only per entry. 

Submission Requirements:

Entries must be submitted as a digital file for judging. Specifications: Minimum 5” x 7” at 300DPI, RGB JPEG. Submitted CDs will not be returned. If your photo is chosen for exhibition and publication you will be required to submit a print no smaller than 8” x 10” and no larger than 11” x 14” matted, framed and ready to hang in a frame no larger than 18” x 22” in outside dimensions and a high resolution digital file for printing. If you wish to have your print returned you must enclose return shipping fees along with a returnshipping label. Viet Art Center is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any entry and will not acknowledge receipt of entries. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of VAC to use them for promotion, exhibition, electronic dissemination, and publication in Saigon TV shows: Hoa Gấm Việt – The Việt Quintessence and Access USA&Vietnam and VAC Online.


About the Jurors:

Howard Lavick – Professor, Dept. Chair, School Director and Acting Dean, Film & Television School,  Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA (LMU)

Professor Howard Lavick was born in Oakland, California in 1946, but was raised in Northern Minnesota where his parents reside.   He received a B.A. in Photojournalism from the University of Minnesota in 1968.   Howard served two years in the Army from 1969-71, which included one year at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona and one year in South Vietnam where he was assigned as a combat photographer with the 25th Infantry Division.  Part of his tour of duty in Vietnam included six months as a photojournalist for Pacific Stars and Stripes which enabled him to travel through much of the country, reporting combat stories in the field and covering political and cultural events in Saigon.  Through this, he was able to see and experience many diverse aspects of Vietnamese life.

Upon his return to Minnesota, Howard worked as an advertising photographer in Minneapolis.  He also studied documentary film making as an extension of his photojournalism background. After freelance work one summer on an independent feature film made in Minneapolis, Howard was married and moved to Los Angeles, California where he pursued an MFA degree in Film production from the USC School of Cinema.   He completed his Graduate studies in 1977 and later worked in documentary films and as a producer/director for pay-cable television.  Howard began teaching in the Film School at Loyola Marymount University in 1984 and over the next 25 years, he was promoted from a professor to Dept. Chair, School Director and Acting Dean, while the film program grew from 250 students to a School of Film and Television with more than 700 students. 

In the fall of 2001, Howard was teaching in Loyola Marymount’s study abroad program in Bonn, Germany.  There he met Michaela Mauder who later became his wife when they were married in Los Angeles in 2005.  They both enjoy teaching, traveling, photography, cooking and gardening as well as raising their two cats.

In 2008, several of Howard’s Vietnam photographs were included in the Viet Art Center “Memories of Vietnam 1955-1975” exhibit in Garden Grove, California, where his picture of a shy young Vietnamese couple was selected for top honors. 

Michael Little – Vice President, Friends of Vinh Son Montanard Orphanage (FOVS)

Bio in his own words


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I attended St. Mary’s high school in Berkeley, California, graduating in 1964.  Initially, college was a struggle, so I joined the Army in August of 1966.


Trained as a Military Policeman, I arrived in Vietnam a year later, serving my entire tour in the Central Highlands.  Quite unexpectedly, I developed a close, personal relationship with a group of Montagnard children from the Bahnar tribe, which has, despite time and distance, lasted to this day.  They are the reason I have returned to Vietnam so many times since 1992, and will always be an integral part of my life.


Returning to the States in August, 1968, I eventually graduated from Sacramento State College with a degree in English.  After a 26-year career with The Coca-Cola Company as a business analyst, I accepted an early retirement in 2003.  Then, in 2004, I took a position with Coors Brewing Company, but retired again in 2008. 


As of this writing, I have a son in high school here in Orange County, a daughter attending college in the Bay Area, and a step daughter at Texas Tech.  My wife of 14 years owns a consulting business, providing expertise to a number of consumer goods companies. 


For most Vietnam veterans, their war experience is locked away in a past they wish to forget, a distant memory.  Then, there are men like me who wholeheartedly embrace the country and its people.  For us, Vietnam is “alive,” a vital part of our daily lives, and staying connected in a positive way gives us a great deal of satisfaction.  We are discovering avenues for reaching back to help the less fortunate and to exercise the better angels of our nature. 


Aside from providing assistance to our extended family in the Pleiku area, I also serve on the board of Friends of Vinh Son (FVSO), a non-profit organization that is meeting the needs of 4 orphanages in Kontum.  We’re providing for basic needs, education, health care and so much more.


My wife and son have adopted this passion for Vietnam as well, having traveled there with me on a number of occasions.  Hopefully there are more visits in our future.  Whether it’s spending time with our Montagnard friends in Pleiku, or interacting with the orphans at Vinh Son, we always come home enriched.


Note from VAC: In 2008, several of Michael’s Vietnam photographs were included in the Viet Art Center “Memories of Vietnam 1955-1975” exhibit in Garden Grove, California, where his picture of a young Vietnamese montagnard boy was selected for one of the top honors.

Richard Turner – Professor, Studio Art, Art History & Co-Director, Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange CA

Professor Richard Turner completed his high school education in Saigon, Viet Nam. He studied Chinese painting in Taipei, Taiwan as an undergraduate. He studied Indian miniature painting and classical music in Jaipur India while on a Fulbright scholarship. His studio work references his experiences in India, Vietnam and Taiwan as well as his interest in film, architecture and gardens. His work has been exhibited in west coast galleries and, in 2005, in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2008 his installation Contempt Mandala was shown in Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana.


Working as a public artist since 1980, Richard has designed pieces for police stations, public parks, transit stations, community centers, and wastewater treatment plants. His work can be seen in Houston, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Seattle, and Portland, where his design team’s art for light rail stations earned a Presidential Award in 2001. He developed an art master plan for the city of San Pedro in 2005 and recently completed artwork for a wetlands park in Chino. He is currently involved in projects in Pasadena and Long Beach. Locally, he has designed pieces for the Arrowhead Pond, the Anaheim Community Center, the Stadium Gateway building and the Fullerton and Long Beach campuses of California State University. On Chapman’s campus he designed Liberty Plaza, a landscape setting for a section of the Berlin Wall. His sculpture, Equinox Sunrise, of anodized aluminum is a prominent feature of the main worship space of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel completed in 2004. Richard teaches design and courses on traditional and contemporary Asian art. He directs the Guggenheim Gallery and is currently co-chair of the Department of Art. Please view Professor Turner's website at


In 2008, Richard was invited to be one of the jurors for the Viet Art Center “Memories of Vietnam 1955-1975” exhibit in Garden Grove, California.  

For application and more information regarding the contest and exhibition please email For individuals and organizations who would like to be title sponsor for “The Beauty of Nature: USA & Vietnam”, please contact us. All net proceeds will be contributed to VAC’s art and cultural activities.  All sponsoring individuals and organizations will be invited to appear on Saigon TV show: Access USA&Vietnam.

4. VAC: Performance Art School at St. Anselm Episcopal Church


St. Anselm Episcopal Church

13091 Galway Street

Garden Grove, CA 92844

Tel: 714-658-6650


Under the sponsorship of St. Anselm Episcopal Church, VAC is able to establish VAC’s Performance Art School to the community. All lessons are three-month sessions starting April 1-June 30, please contact us for bio of instructors and more details regarding fees and registrations


VAC Instructors:

Voice – Lê Hồng Quang; Piano: Thai Nguyễn; Guitar: David Trần, Creative Writing & Public Speaking: Michelle Phương Thảo  and more instructors to come.


Adult Voice Group

Held every Friday, April 3 – June 26

Time: 7pm-830pm


Creative Writing & Public Speaking

Grade: 5th-7th only

Held every Friday, April 3 – June 26

Time: 6pm-700pm


All Adult & Children Private Lessons: Voice, Piano, Creative Writing & Public Speaking – please call us for arrangement of time schedule


5. VAC: Teaching in Vietnam


-          Teaching at selected American schools and universities in Vietnam.

-          Paid housing, monthly stipends, holiday, sick leave, and many other benefits

-          Minimum requirement: Bachelor degree from an accredited university in the US

-          Email your resume for consideration to


6. CSU-Long Beach: Summer Vietnamese Language Program in Vietnam


-          Spend three weeks in Vietnam this summer to learn Vietnamese at Vietnam National University (Hanoi and Saigon)

-          Contact for more program details:

                  QuyenDi Chuc Bui – CSULB: 714-376-8936


II. VAC’s 2009 Exhibition at the Westminster Rose Center, CA


1. January 15-April 18: Viet Art Painting Exhibition: Springtime

2. August 1-October 31: Photo Exhibition: Beauty of Nature – USA&Vietnam


IV. Press Release of Interest and “All Things Considered”


1. LA Times: My-Thuan Tran: Vietnamese in San Jose might recall one of their own – The case of Madison Nguyen,0,7265436.story





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