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I. Art, Culture, Charity


1. Saigon TV: VAC Show - Hoa Gấm Việt (Việt Quintessence)

2. VAC: Teaching in Vietnam

3. CSU-Long Beach: Summer Vietnamese Language Program in Vietnam


II. VAC’s 2009 Exhibition at the Westminster Rose Center, CA


III. Press Release of Interest and “All Things Considered”


  1. Nguoi Viet: VAC’s New Year Celebration




Friends of Viet Art,


Greetings! I hope you all enjoy the Tết Festival.


I would like to thank all who sent your compliments of our cultural and art Vietnamese TV show: Hoa Gấm Việt (Việt Quintessence)


Please see the below details for how to watch “Hoa Gấm Việt” on TV nationwide (US and Canada) as well as check out our new program “Teaching in Vietnam.”


VAC will have many upcoming art and cultural projects, please stay tune for more details and help VAC to achieve our missions.

Peace and Love,

Michelle Phương Thảo


I. Art, Culture, Charity


1. VAC Show - Hoa Gấm Việt (Việt Quintessence)




Nam Nguyễn - Saigon TV




Michelle Phương Thảo


Special Guest:


Writer Quyên Di  (UCLA/CSU-Long Beach)


“Hoa Gấm Việt” Logo Design:

Artist Trần Đình Thục (USA)


Contributing Illustrations by




Nguyễn Thị Hợp (USA)

Nguyễn Đồng (USA)

Nguyên Khai (USA)

Nguyễn Rĩ (USA)

Nguyễn Văn Bảy (USA)

Lê Thanh (VN)

Hồ Nam (VN)

Thục Quyên (VN)

Trần Quang Minh (VN)

Nguyễn Tuân (VN)

Đăng Học (VN)




Nguyễn Đức Cung (USA)

Jesse Nguyễn (USA)

Diana Thái (USA)

Sĩ Huỳnh (USA)

Thanh Lam (USA)

Phạm Vũ Nguyễn (VN)

Nguyên Phạm (VN)

Trí Lê (USA)

Uyển Diễm (USA)

Thọ Lê (VN)


Program Editor:


Khoa Phạm




Vietnamese Photographic Society of California (PCSVN)

Vietnamese Ethnology Museum (Viện Bảo Tàng Dân Tộc Học Việt Nam)

Vietnamese Photography Group - Nhóm Ảnh Việt

Bướm Đêm Music Productions


...and many other contributing artists and photographers for the show.


These “Hoa Gấm Việt” programs currently are broadcasting on all channels of Saigon TV:


  1. Văn Hóa Ngày Xuân 1&2: Tết Culture
  2. Dáng Xưa 1&2: The Olden Elegance


Saigon TV is the only Vietnamese-American media company offering 24/7 TV on all free to air channels, locally in California and nationwide (US and Canada).


You can watch Saigon TV on the following channels:


-          KXLA Channel 44 Los Angeles

-          KTSF Channel 26 San Francisco

-          Comcast Channel 2 Sacramento

-          Comcast Channel 69 Stockton

-          AMC 4 Satellite Nationwide (US& Canada)

-          Galaxy Nationwide (US & Canada)


Contact Saigon TV to learn the date/time of “Hoa Gấm Việt” program and/or how to watch free 24/7 Saigon TV (


-          Local (Westminster, CA):                         714-230-8476

-          Toll-free:                                               800-532-7403



  1. VAC: Teaching in Vietnam


-          Teaching at selected American schools and universities in Vietnam.

-          Paid housing, monthly stipends, holiday, sick leave, and many other benefits

-          Minimum requirement: Bachelor degree from an accredited university in the US

-          Email your resume for consideration to


  1. CSU-Long Beach: Summer Vietnamese Language Program in Vietnam


-          Spend three weeks in Vietnam this summer to learn Vietnamese at Vietnam National University (Hanoi and Saigon)

-          Contact for more program details:

                  QuyenDi Chuc Bui – CSULB: 714-376-8936



II. VAC’s 2009 Exhibition at the Westminster Rose Center, CA


1. January 15-April 18: Viet Art Painting Exhibition: Springtime

2. May 30-July 5: Call for Submission - Photo Contest & Exhibition: Memories of     Vietnam 1955-1975

3. August 1-October 31: Call for Submission—Photo Contest & Exhibition: Beauty of Nature 

Details for the exhibitions coming soon


IV. Press Release of Interest and “All Things Considered”


  1. Nguoi Viet: Trung Đỗ - Việt Art Center’s Tất Niên




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