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I. Art, Culture, Charity


1. La Mirada, CA – Nhom The Friends & Hương Sen Entertainment  

Chamber Music Concert:  The Olden Hà Nội in Autumn – Nỗi Lòng Người Đi

2. Santa Ana, CA - Richard Turner –

Exhibition: Contempt Mandala

3. Houston, TX – Doãn Quốc Vinh

Exhibition: The Falling Leaves – Lá Rụng Về Cội

4. Newport Beach, CA – OC Museum of Art

Holiday Event: Cultural Family Art Day 


II. VAC’s 2009 Exhibition at the Rose Gallery , Westminster Rose Center, CA


1. Jan-Feb, 2009  - Call for Submission - Photo Exhibition:

Theme – Tết (Vietnamese New Year)

2. Apr-May, 2009 – Call for Submission 8 0 Photo Competition & Exhibition:

Theme – Beauty of Nature  

3. May-Jul, 2009 – Call for Submission - Photo Competition & Exhibition:

Theme – Memories of Vietnam 1955-1975


III. VAC’s Music Radio Show: A Rose For Life


Theme on 11/19/08:

A Young Girl’s Heart – Cõi Lòng Thiếu Nữ


A Message from Viet Art


Dear Friends of Viet Art:


As you may have noticed, I have just learned how to type Vietnamese with the accent marks. Our language is beautiful in both its sounds and letters. For those who open this e-new and see “Greek-like” words, probably your computer is not set up to read Vietnamese fonts. Please do the following simple steps: 

1. If you are using MS Internet Explorer (must be version 5.0 or newer),  

    go to View > Encoding, select Unicode (UTF-8).  

2. If you are using Netscape 4.7 (or newer),  

    go to View > Encoding (or Character Sets) select Unicode (UTF-8). 

Please download this article for more instructions:


For those who do not read Vietnamese, however, I would like to request you to do these steps so you can see the beauty of our language.


Hà Nội is in Autumn, the most romantic season of the year. Nhom The Friends

and VAC cordially invites you to come to our upcoming chamber music concert:

The Olden Nội in Autumn. Please see the introduction below for more

exciting details about our concert.


We hope to see you soon. Together at the concert, we will reminisce the Olden

Hà Nội and celebrate the glamorous Autumn.


Peace and love,

Michelle Phương Thảo - Quế Nghi 

Executive Director, VAC 



I. Events: Art, Culture, and Charity


1. Saturday, November 29, 2008


Chamber Music Concert: 

The Olden Hà Nội in Autumn – Nỗi Lòng Người Đi



La Mirada Performance Art

14900 La Mirada Blvd

La Mirada, CA 90638


Time: 7:30pm – 11:00pm


Producer:       Hương Sen Entertainment


Sponsor:        Hồn Việt TV


Music:             Nhom The Friends

Luân Vũ – Violin, Vương Hương & Sỹ Dự - Piano

Hitoshe Suzuki – Cello, Lê Ngọc & Duy Luân – Guitar

Nguyễn Huy – Drum & Percusion 




Khánh Ly, Hồng Nhung, Trần Thái Hòa, Trần Thu Hà,

Lưu Việt Hùng, Ngô Quang Minh


Performing the timeless songs about Hà Nội and Autumn written by Anh Bằng, Cung Tiến, Đoàn Chuẩn-Từ Linh, Văn Cao, Đặng Thế Phong, Dzoãn Mẫn, Song Ngọc, Phạm Duy, Trần Quang Lộc, Trịnh Công Sơn, Phú Quang, Ngô Thụy Miên, Từ Công Phụng, Hoàng Dương, Việt Anh, Trần Tiến, Trương Qúy Hải, Thanh Trang, Tùng Giang, Nam Lộc.


Special Guest:           Writer Bùi Bảo Trúc (Little Saigon Radio/VietTide Magazine)


Lighting & Sound:     Việt Anh


Fashion Show:          Designer Calvin Hiệp


Presenting a charming collection of Vietnamese Traditional Dresses


Stage Design:           Michelle Phương Thảo (VAC)                    


Presenting slideshows of documentary films about the “Olden Hà Nội” together with artworks from Vietnamese artists and photographers: Lê Phổ, Đình Nghị, Hồ Hữu Thủ, Nguyễn Thị Hợp, Nguyễn Đồng, Lê Thanh Sơn, Nguyễn Cung, and many more.


More Information:

Nguoi Viet Daily News:


Contact for Tickets: 714-467-5840


2. Saturday, November 1, 2008

Art Exhibition: Richard Turner - Contempt Mandala


Opening Reception:

Saturday November 1

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm


Grand Central Art Center

125 North Broadway

Santa Ana, CA


Exhibition Period: November 1 through December 21


About Professor Richard Turner:


Professor Richard Turner teaches Studio Art and Art History at Chapman

University, currently a Co-Chair of the Department of Arts and Co-Director of the

Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University (Orange, CA). He is also on the Juror

Panel of Viet Art Center’s “2008 Memories of Vietnam 1955-1975” photo competition 

for the Vietnam Veterans.


About Contempt Mandala

Contempt Mandala is a multi-media installation that takes, as its point of departure, Jean Luc Godard's 1963 film Contempt. The film is about the making of a movie and the dissolution of a marriage. It simultaneously explores the creative process and the fragility of human relationships. The Buddhist mandala, a cosmic diagram, is the organizing principle of the installation. Every element of the installation proceeds from and returns to the centerpiece, a radially symmetrical table. Contempt Mandala follows the blossoming/unfolding of ideas as it maps the personal cosmology of the artist.

Godard's Contempt is based on a novel by Alberto Moravia, A Ghost at Noon, which is a commentary on Homer's oral epic the Odyessy. Turner's Contempt Mandala interrogates Godard's film using sculpture, video and painting. Both the 1963 film and the contemporary installation examine ideas of translation - across cultures, through time, and from one medium to another.


2. Saturday, November 15, 2008

Art Exhibition: The Falling Leaves - Lá Rụng Về Cội 


Presenting the artworks of Doãn Quốc Vinh


Opening Recepti on

Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM  

Place: Viet Art Gallery  

12924 Bellaire Blvd

Houston, Texas 77072


About Artist Doãn Quốc Vinh:


Doãn Quốc Vinh is the fifth son of Doãn Quốc Sỹ, a well-known and respected

Vietnamese writer. Doãn Quốc Vinh possesses many talents as an artist, an

interior designer, and a poet. His exhibition “Shimmering Pond From Home – Ao

Nhà Lung Linh” in 2006 at Người Việt Daily News’s Community Center was a

great success.


4. Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cultural Holiday Art Day

Organized and sponsored by Orange County Museum of Art


Time: 12pm-4pm

Location: 850 San Clemente Drive

Newport Beach, CA


Live Entertainment Performance by

Viet Art Children’s Folk Music Group and Dragon Dancing Team

Ballet Folklorico Dancers, Jewish Performances, Native American Dancers, and



Come to cheer our all children folk music performers and dragon dancers from

Viet Art Center and the other cultural groups.



III. VAC’s 2009 Exhibitions at the Rose Gallery, Westminster Rose Center, CA


All photo competitions and exhibitions are organized by Viet Art Center and

hosted by the Rose Gallery of Westminster Rose Center, Ca.


1. Call for Submission - Photo Exhibition’s Theme: Tet (Vietnamese New Year)  


Theme and Mission: TET is Vietnamese New Year. The upcoming Tet date is January 26, 2009, the year of the Buffalo. Since the exodus of 1975, nowadays, the Vietnamese descendents are living globally in almost every single country. Viet Art Center would like to call for your submission of photography of Tet celebration in Vietnam and around the world (past and present): decorations, food, dance, festivals, ceremonies, anything, and everything about the Vietnamese most important celebration of the year.




Open call for our un-juried show featuring digital art and photography “Tet”.  All entries will be printed (8.5"x11" on heavyweight paper) and shown in our gallery arranged in a grid. Entrants submit JPEG files of original work. Multi ple entries are permitted. Separate registration required for each image. Exhibit is limited to space available, early entry is advised.




All styles of artwork and photography where digital processes of any kind were integral to the creation of the images are acceptable. Digital video stills and screen shots of web/new media are acceptable. Documentation shots of digital installation and digital sculpture are acceptable.



This call is international, open to everyone

Every work submitted is exhibited on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Your work will contribute to a one-of-a-kind beautiful photographic illustration of Vietnamese rich culture and heritage. We look forward to your precious contribution.


Show Dates:

January 17 through February 27, 2009 


Deadline for entries:

December 29, 2008


Opening Reception:

Saturday , October 17, 10am-Noon


Entry Fee:

Registration fee is $25US per entry.


Submission Rules:

File uploads are the only accepted submissions maximum of 3MB each. Please do not send materials to VAC. All materials sent to VAC will not be viewed and cannot be returned.


Participants: Open to everyone internationally


Registration and submission information:

Email for application (we will upload our application online



2. Apr-May, 2009 – Call for Submission – Photo Competition & Exhibition:

Theme – Beauty of Nature 


More details to come soon


3. May-Jul, 2009 – Call for Submission - Photo Competition & Exhibition:

Theme – Memories of Vietnam 1955-1975


More details to come soon


II. Viet Art Center – Music Radio Show: A Rose For Life


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Rose for Life – Hoa Hồng Cho Nhân Gian 

A Radio Show produced by Viet Art Center


Sponsored by:

- The employees of Boeing Company and Boeing Company

- US Metro Bank, 9866 Garden Grove Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92844

Phone: 714-620-8888

- ILoan Magic, 8900 Warner Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

      Phone: 714-500-2900

- Tears of Orphans Foundation –


All music selections of the radio shows are sponsored by BUOM DEM PRODUCTIONS


Live Broadcast:  Channel 1190AM - Radio Bolsa

Live Broadcast:  Internet Worldwide or

Time: Every other Wednesday - 8:30pm-9:00pm (Pacific Time –=2 0US)

            10:30am-11:00am (Vietnam Time)


Hosts: Quyen Di and Que Nghi

Language: Vietnamese


A Rose For Life – Hoa Hồng Cho Nhân Gian  


Dear Friends!


Let’s go together on a voyage and bring with us a basket of Roses. Our voyage

will be soaked with the sweetness of literature and music. Remember to bring

Roses, many Roses, and chanting along the joyful songs.  Let’s smile and give a

rose to everyone. This is the most beautiful act since you give to life the color,

the scent, the beauty, and your loving heart.  


Program Content:


Wednesday, October 22, 2008 – Autumn Soul with Human Heart


My Love,


The rain is sad at times; happy at times. However, Autumn Rain is always very sad.


On an Autumn day, sitting by the window watching the Autumn raindrops falling tinkling. Let your heart calms down, to feel all that Autumn is wanting to send to You.  Although Autumn is sad, but Autumn is also the season of ripen fruits, the season of harvesting. Spring born; Summer grew; Autumn harvested; Winter returned. It is the cycle of a human life. There is no achievement that is not a

reward of hard labor. There is no happiness that is not born from sufferings...


(Translated by Quế Nghi)


Song Selection:

1. Sense of Autumn by Phú Quang

2. Autumn Raindrop  by Đặng Thế Phong

3. Golden Autumn by Cung Tiến

3. Autumn Night  by Đặng Thế Phong

4. Autumn Chant by Phạm Mạnh Cương


Upcoming Program on Wednesday 11/5/08: A Young Girl’s Heart


For donations/sponsorship of our radio show or to purchase CD “A Rose For Life

I”, please email Your donations will be tax-deductible

accordingly to the U.S. tax law.


Hoa Hồng Cho Nhân Gian 


Bạn yêu dấu,

Hãy cất bước lên đường mang theo một lẵng hoa hồng. Đó là hành trang duy

nhất cho một cuộc viễn du bước vào thế giới của nghệ thuật và yêu thương.

Tặng cho bất cứ ai bạn gặp trên đường đi một bông hoa hồng tươi thắm. Đó là

cử chỉ đẹp nhất vì bạn tặng cho đời người vẻ đẹp, mầu sắc, hương thơm cùng

với một trái tim chan chứa yêu thương.


Thứ Tư,  10/22/08 -  Hồn Thu Với Lòng Người


Người yêu dấu,

Vào một ngày mùa Thu, ngồi bên khung cửa nhìn những giọt=2 0mưa Thu rơi thánh thót. Người hãy để lòng lắng xuống, để cảm nhận hết những gì thu nhắn gửi đến Người. Đành rằng Thu buồn đấy, nhưng Thu cũng là mùa của trái cây chín mọng, mùa của thu nhận kết quả. Mùa Xuân khai sinh, mùa Hạ trưởng thành, mùa Thu thâu hoạch, mùa Đông trở về. Đấy là vòng tuần hoàn của một đời người. Chẳng có kết quả nào mà không là phần thưởng của biết bao gian truân mệt nhọc. Chẳng có hạnh phúc nào không thoát thai từ những khổ đau...   

(Quyên Di)


Các nhA 1c phẩm chọn lọc cho chương trình:


1. Thu Cảm – Phú Quang - Trình bày: Mỹ Hạnh

2. Giọt Mưa Thu – Đặng Thế Phong – Trình bày: Thu Minh

3. Thu Vàng – Cung Tiến - Trình bày: Đoan Trang

4. Đêm Thu - Đặng Thế Phong - Trình Bày: Hồng Hạnh

5. Thu Ca - PhE1m Mạnh Cương - Trình Bày: Ngọc Anh



Thứ Tư,  11/19/08 -  Cõi Lòng Thiếu Nữ


Tất cả nhạc phẩm chọn lọc cho chương trình Hoa Hồng Cho Nhân Gian được

sự ưu ái bảo trợ của trung tâm “Bướm Đêm Productions”


Các bạn ở Vietnam và trên toàn thế giới có thể nghe chương trình Hoa Hồng

Cho Nhân Gian của Viet Art Center trực tiếp qua mạng lưới toàn cầu hay vào lúc 8:30 tối (giờ California) hay

10:30 sáng (giờ Vietnam).


CD “Hoa Hồng Cho Nhân Gian I” với các bài viết “Hương Hoa và Hương Đêm”,

“Chuyện Một Dòng Sông”, “Suối Mơ Rừng Vắng”, và “Khúc Nhạc Lãng Du” cùng

các nhạc phẩm chọn lọc đã phát hành. Tất cả lợi nhuận từ CD sẽ được đưa vào

quỹ cứu trợ các trẻ em mồ côi và tàn tật tại Vietnam qua Hội Nước Mắt Cô Nhi

(Tears of Orphans Foundation).





The Viet Art Center Foundation was formed as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit

community art center supporting the contemporary artists working in all forms of

cultural arts.


Viet Art Weekly E-news are sending to more than 5000 email recipients living all

over U.S. and around the world. Our e-news serve the sole purpose of providing

upcoming cultural and educational activities of Viet Art Center to those who share

the same mission to promote and to advance Vietnamese Art and Culture.


Please send an email if you would like to be taken off from our distribution list,

sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your support of Viet Art Center!