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I. Art, Culture, Charity


  1. 1. Around The World – International Talk Like A Pirate Day 
  2. 2. Garden Grove, CA – VAC – Radio Show: A Rose for Life 
  3. 3. San Jose, CA – VNHelp Annual Fundraising Concert: Autumn for Children
  4. 4. Newport Beach, CA – OC Museum of Art - Cultural Family Art Day   
  5. 5. Crack A Code 


A Note From Viet Art 


Avast! Me Hearties! Ahoy, ye scurvy knaves!

Shiver me timber! Give me yee beauty’s booty’s booty! If yee do not listen to me,

me blow you down, me feed yee bone to the fish, then me sink you to the Day

Jones’ locker. That’s pirattitude. 

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! If yee is not ready to talk the talk, walk the walk,

me have a message from the Puddle Pirates about Decision 2008 (attached


Be careful, do not walk the plank today 

Piratically yours,

Michelle Phuong Thao

Executive Director, VAC  



I. Events: Art, Culture, and Charity


2. Wednesday, September 24, 2008 

A Rose for Life – Hoa Hong Cho Nhan Gian 

A Radio Show produced by Viet Art Center 


- sponsored by the employees of Boeing Company, Boeing Company, Tears of

Orphans Foundation, the family of Susan Cousic, and U.S. Metrobank,

Vietnamese artists, singers, and music production companies.  


Live Broadcast:  Channel 1190AM - Radio Bolsa 

Live Broadcast:  Internet Worldwide or

Time: 8:30pm-9:00pm (Pacific Time – US) 

  10:30am-11:00am (Vietnam Time) 

Hosts: Quyen Di and Que Nghi 

Language: Vietnamese 

Every other Wednesday 


A Rose For Life – Hoa Hong Cho Nhan Gian 

Dear Friends!

Let’s go together on a voyage and bring with us a basket of Roses. Our voyage will be soaked with the sweetness of literature and music. Remember to bring Roses, many Roses, and chanting along the joyful songs.  Let’s smile and give a rose to everyone. 

Our last broadcast on September 10, we brought to you “Scents of Flower and Scents of The Night” (Quyen Di), with the music of Love (Van Phung), Withering (Trinh Cong Son), Just Learn to Love (Quoc Bao), and You’re Wonderful. 

We look forward to meet you again this coming Wednesday, September 24, with “A Story of A River” (Quyen Di).

For donations/sponsorship of our radio show, please email Your donations will be tax-deductible accordingly to the U.S. tax law. 

Ban yeu dau, 

Hay cat buoc len duong va mang them mot lang hoa hong, do la hanh trang duy nhat cho mot cuoc vien du, buoc vao the gioi cua nghe thuat va yeu thuong. 

Nho mang theo hoa hong, rat nhieu hoa hong, va ca len khuc hat dang doi. Xin no mot nu cuoi va tang mot bong hoa hong den voi  tat ca moi nguoi. 

Chuong trinh “Hoa Hong Cho Nhan Gian” phat thanh vao 10.9, chung toi mang den voi quy thinh gia bai viet “Huong Hoa va Huong Dem” cua nha van Quyen Di, cung voi cac nhac pham Yeu (Van Phung), Phoi Pha (Trinh Cong Son, Vua Biet Dau Yeu (Quoc Bao), va Anh Tuyet Voi (Nhac ngoai quoc, loi Viet). 

Chuong trinh “Hoa Hong Cho Nhan Gian” ky toi, vao ngay 24, thang 9, chung toi se mang den quy thinh gia “Cau Chuyen Mot Dong Song” (Quyen Di) cung voi cac nhac pham chon loc dac sac. 

Cac ban o Vietnam va tren toan the gioi co the nghe chuong trinh “Hoa Hong Cho Nhan Gian” cua Viet Art Center truc tiep tren mang luoi toan cau hay vao luc 8:30 toi (gio California) hay 10:30 sang (gio Vietnam). 

Cac ban co the lien lac voi chung toi qua dia chi email hay dien thoai 714-658-6650 neu ban muon tim hieu them va bao tro cho chuong trinh Hoa Hong Cho Nhan Gian. 


About Radio Bolsa –

Established in 1997, Radio Bolsa broadcast daily from Monday through Saturday reaching deep into Orange County, los Angeles, and the Inland Empire region. In Northern California, Radio Bolsa coverage spreads from the Bay Area, Oakland, and San Jose. Radio Bolsa provides Vietnamese-American with a rich and varied schedule of news, arts, and entertainment, keeping up cultural ties with the homeland as well as encouraging assimilation for a mature ethnic community into mainstream American life. 

With more than 250,000 listeners daily in Southern California and 200,000 listeners in Northern California, Radio Bolsa has been one of the main sources of the information exchange, fulfilling an invaluable need for the Vietnamese-Americans who are increasingly relying on Radio Bolsa for information outside of the mainstream media. 

3. Sunday, October 5, 2008 

Autumn for the Children of Vietnam – Mua Thu Cho Em 

VN Help’s 14th Annual Fundraising Concert 

Featuring award-winners from Vietnam who will perform traditional and modern

music with Vietnamese traditional instruments: zither, t’rung, bamboo flute, 2

string violin, 36-string hammer dulcimer, etc.  Vietnamese folk songs, semi

classics, and pop music will also be performed by renowned singers.

Highlights of Musicians: 

Vo Van-Anh: graduated with distinction from the National

 Conservatory of Music in Hanoi (Nhac Vien Ha Noi. In 1995, Van-Anh won the

Championship title in the national zither competition (dan tranh) along with

the special prize for best solo performance for modern folk music.

She has performed in more than fourteen countries. Besides

dan tranh, Van-Anh also performs as a soloist on other instruments

such as the monochord (dan bau), the 36-string hammered dulcimer

(dan tam thap luc), the bamboo xylophone (dan t'rung), the k'longput,

and traditional drum (trong). 

Cao Ho Nga: graduated from the National Conservatory of Music

in Saigon in 2002 (Nhac Vien Saigon). She won a gold medal in 1999

at the National Festival for Professional Music Performers (Hoi

Dien Chuyen Nghiep Toan Quoc). She is the leader of the Mat Troi Do

performing group, which is well-known for their stage performance

in Vietnamese traditional music. Ho Nga has performed with the

Rokasen group in Japan, in the national Jazz festival in France,

and in many other countries in Europe. Similar to her music friend


5 Dong Ke: is a singing quartet who will appear for the third time

at a VNHELP concert due to popular demand from the VNHELP fans.

They will once again show their beautiful vocal harmony with folk

and pop music. To fit in with the concert theme this year,

5 Dong Ke will also perform on some Vietnamese instruments to

show their rich talents.

Duc Tuan: first-prize winner in the Television Singing Contest

2000 (Giai Truyen Hinh 2000), will win the hearts of the audience

with his “classic” voice. His selection of songs are usually those of Van Cao,

Pham Duy, Pham Dinh Chuong, Trinh Cong Son, etc. Audiences from around the

globe have been surprised that at such a young age, Duc Tuan can deliver those

classics to perfection.

Huong Lan: will be charming in her performance of Vietnamese country

music (nhac que huong) and Southern folk songs (vong co). These

are the musical styles which VNHELP would like to include in our

concert for the first time this year. A part of the Vietnamese

Southern culture will be reflected in Huong Lan’s musical expertise.

4:00PM Sunday, October 05, 2008

VNHELP Annual Fundraising Concert

Mu`a Thu Cho Em #14

At the California Theater

345 South First Street

San Jose, CA 95113

Ticket prices: $100, $75, $50, $30

Ticket locations: Quang Da (408) 297-3402 (on E. Santa Clara Street, San Jose)

  Western Insurance (408)287-8902 (at Grand Century Mall, San Jose)

  VNHELP (408) 885-1791, email:

For more information, check out these links:  (poster in English) (poster in Vietnamese)

  (Duc Tuan sings Ngay Xua Hoang Thi)

  (Duc Tuan sings Ao Anh Sut Chi Duong Ta)

  (Huong Lan sings Da Co Hoai Lang)

Best wish to VNHELP! 

4. Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cultural Family Art Day


Organized and sponsored by Orange County Museum of Art 


Time: 12pm-4pm

Location: 850 San Clemente Drive

Newport Beach, CA 


Live Entertaiment Performance by

Viet Art Children’s Folk Music Group and Dragon Dancing Team 

Ballet Folklorico Dancers, Jewish Performances, Native American Dancers, and more. 


Come to cheer our all children folk music performers and dragon dancers from Viet Art Center and the other cultural groups. 




Contact Information: 949-759-1122 or visit website for more details. 


 5. CRACK A CODE – Y F I R V W  and G I V Z H F I V

The above letters mean something in two words, would you please help us solve it, there will be ‘award’ if you can help. 

Thank you very much!


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