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I. Art, Culture, Charity

Garden Grove, CA – VAC – Vietnamese Music Radio Show: A Rose for Life

Los Angeles, CA - The Filipino American Library: Children Reading 


Newport Beach, CA – OC Museum of Art - Cultural Family Art Day

II.Press Release of Interests: Art, Economics, Politics, et “all things 


1.    The Bolsavik: Election 2008: Vietnamese-American vs. 


2.    California Museum: California Dreamers Scholarship Challenge

3.    CAVICO Corporation: VN Dam Construction Contract

4.    Vietnamese Olympic Medals:

a.    Vietnamese-Chinese-Canadian won gold medal

b.    Vietnamese won silver medal

5.    AFP: Singapore Demonstration Rules

A Note From Viet Art

The Olympic is over; the flame is out; the summer is over; the heats 

(summer and election) are on…still; and the good new is that VAC’s 

E-news is back to all of you who love and support Vietnamese art and 



The D emocratic convention is happening this week. The Republican is 

coming next week. Last week, I asked a friend:

-  Obama or McCain?

With no particular comment about Obama, he replied:

- McCain is too … old.

With no particular comment about Obama, I said:

- The Vietnamese has a proverb: “The older the=2

0ginger, the hotter the 

spice” (Gung cang gia cang cay).  And by the way, Our Holy Father, Pope 

Benedict XVI is 81 (1927).

Should wisdom and integrity matter more than age and beauty (actually, 

beau)? Are we searching for the next president or the next star? Chec k 

out this interesting quote from Gore Vidal (U.S. novelist) in referring 

to Ronald Reagan:

“The carefully packaged persona of the old-time movie star resembles 

nothing so much as the carefully=2 0packaged persona of today's 

politician. Was it not inevitable that the two would at last coincide 

in one person?”

Perhaps, in the next decades, we may enjoy a movie with these two 

presidential stars: Bill Clinton and George Bush.

…Some thoughts for thoughts!!!

VAC is working on severa l exciting projects, including our bi-weekly 

radio show: A Rose for Life, which will be debut locally on Radio 

Bolsa, Channel 1190AM.

We look forward to your support of our upcoming art and cultural 



Peace and Love,

Michelle Phuong Thao

Executive Director, VAC

I. Events: Art, Culture, and Charity

1. Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Rose for Life

A bi-weekly radio show –

- produced by Viet Art Center

- sponsored by friends of Viet Art Center and other non-profit 


Content: Vietnamese literature and music

Objective: Just for love and peace at heart:


Tons of roses, much love, and very romantic

- Not a bit politics, nada controversial, and no quarrelsome

Hosts: Quyen Di and Que Nghi20

Channel: Radio Bolsa – 1190AM

Time: 8:30pm-9:00pm

Language: Vietnamese

Every other Wednesday starting September 10, 2008

We will upload this show, accompanying with the English translation, to 

our website www.vietartcenter. net for those who live outside of 

Southern California. For donations/sponsorship of our radio show, 

please email Your donations will be 

tax-deductible accordingly to the U.S. tax law.

2. The Filipino American Library: Children Reading Programs

Through its new Children’s Reading Program, the Filipino American 

Library (FAL) will have events on Saturday, August 30 at 2:00-4:00pm=2 

0at the Asian Pacific Resource Center (Montebello Regional Library,=2 

01550 W. Beverly Blvd., Montebello 90640) and Saturday, September 6 at 

1:00-3:00pm at the Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture – FPAC (Point 

Fermin Park, 807 W. Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro 90731).  They are 

recommended for children ages=2 03-8.  Please RSVP to or 213-382-0488.

3. Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cultural Family Art Day

Organized and sponsored by Orange County Museum of Art

Time: 12pm-4pm

Location: 850 San Clemente Drive

Newport Beach, CA

Live Entertaiment Performance by

Viet Art Children’s Folk Music Group and Dragon Dancing Team

Ballet F

olklorico Dancers, Jewish Performances, Native American 

Dancers, and more.

Come to cheer our all children folk music performers and dragon dancers 

from Viet Art Center and the other cultural groups.


Contact Information: 949-759-1122 or visit website for 

more details.

II. Press Release of Interests

1.            The Bolsa vik: Election 2008: Vietnamese-American vs. 


If you have yet registered to vote, stop by a Post Office to fill out 

the Voter Registration Form.  If you are living within the infamous 

“Little Saigon” District, not only that you will vote for our next 

president, but you will have a rare opportunity to bring 14 

Vietnamese-American candidates into various local positions in Orange 

County. If you want to know “who is running for what, whether the 

position is high or low, powerful or not-so-powerful”, check out this 

complete report from The Bolsavik:

Your vote will certainly count so investigate,20interview, and input 

your vote independently.

2.             California Museum: California Dreamers Scholarship 


"So think for a moment what you would have to do to stand out in a 

state of 37 million people. You'd have to go out and do what your heart 

and mind ordered you to do."

-- Maria Shriver

$5,000 Scholarship Award

Exclusively for 2009=2

0High School students

For more information about this contest, visit California Museum’s 


3.       Cavico Corporation: Cavico is Awarded Dam Construction 

Contract as a Part of the Ta Trach Water Reservoir

This press re lease was sent to me by Cavico Corporation’s Media 

Relation Department. What is so special about Cavico Corporation? 

Indeed, “Cavico Corporation (ticker CVIC.OB) is the only Vietnamese 

company that lists on a U.S. exchange, and is a leading infrastructure 

developer in Vietnam” (quoted from Cavico’s Media Relation Department). 

I am happy t hat a Vietnamese company is part of the American (and/or 

the world) capitalist system. Hopefully, we will see more Vietnamese 

companies listed on the U.S. stock exchange in the future.


Since Cavico was traded last at 19 cents as of closing on 8/27/08, 

their stock is considered “Penny Stock”. If you would like to invest in 

Cavico, consult your stockbroker and update your risk profile. From my 

experience, your risk profile must be “high” and “many years of trading 

experience” before you can purchase “Penny Stock”.

        About this project: The dams that Cavico has been contracted to 

constr uct are part of the second largest project in Vietnam ’s central 

region. The dams will limit flood damage

s caused by floods in Hue city 

– a site previously devastated by floods. Additionally, the reservoir 

may become a hydropower plant with a capacity of 18,000 KW that would 

generate an average of 60 million kWh per year. For more information 

about=2 0Cavico 80717/20080717005645.html?.v=1

4.      Vietnamese Olympic Medals

As citizens of the world, the Vietnamese descendents won two medals at 

2008 Olympic-Beijing.

a. Vietnamese-Chinese-Canadian won Olympic gold medal

Carol Huynh brought the first gold medal home to her country, Canada.

Her father was born in China; Her mothe r was born in Vietnam:

Or vice versa: 


Or both parents were born in Vietnam.

The fact is that Carol Huynh and her family members are boat people – 

“authentic”=2 0Vietnamese refugee – and Canada is their home country. 

So congratulation to Vietnamese, Chinese, and Canadian!

b. Vietnamese won silver medal

On the other hand, Hoang Anh Tuan, purely Vietnamese and representing 

Vietnam, won the one and only medal for Vietnam. It is a silver medal.


AFP: Singapore Demonstratio

n Rules

During the last three weeks, I watched th e best ever Grand Ope ning 

and the best ever Closing Ceremony of the Olympic-Beijing. I may be 

unpopular by saying this: “Thank you Director Zhang Yimou and the 

thousands of Chinese artists for providing such a magnificent and 

unimaginable shows of the century.”  For the first time, I will buy the 

original copy of these ceremonies to keep watching for years to come.

Besides Michael Phelps, the Chinese gymnastic legal age, the Chinese 

voice dubbing, the American media spent many hours on the issue of 8 

0demonstration”, actually “non-demonstration” during the Olympic. Last 

night, I was surprised coming across this new about Singapore, 

considering a democratic country in Asia. At least, I thought so (?) 


“It is illegal to hold a public gathering of five or more people in 

Singapore without a20police permit, meaning demonstr ations seldom 


So what is freedom? Perhaps, like beauty, “it’s in the eyes of the 


Another thought for thought!!!

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