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I. Art, Culture, Charity


  1. Garden Grove, CA – VAC – Independence Day Potluck Picnic
  2. Newport Beach, CA – OC Museum of Art - Cultural Family Art Day 
  3. Saigon, Vietnam – VAC – The Poetry of Ho Xuan Huong


II. Career & Business Networking  


       1.   City Career Fair: OC’s Annual Diversity Employment Day



II. Press Release of Interests


1.     Garden Grove Channel 3 News: Feature Report on “Memories of Vietnam”

2.     Book Review: The Boat by Nam Le

3.     Discovery Channel: FIGHT or DIE from Executive Producer Randall Wallace

4.     VAC/Nhom The Friends – The Precarious Flower on UTube. 

5.     Mrs. McCain and Operation Smile in Vietnam 




Dear Friends and Family,


Happy Independence Day!


Independence, Freedom, and Human Rights are our utmost sacred words. They are not “free” and money can’t buy them. Indeed, they are priceless as their costs at times are human lives, sufferings, and ocean of …tears. I paid a dear price for them myself. Hence, although I am a “liberal”, not “just opened-mind”, I am somewhat in disagreement with the recent web commercial “Tila “Teacher” Tequila (Nguyen), on Burma human rights abuses” (check this out from The Bolsavik: Nevertheless, I would like to call your attention and awareness to the U.S. Human Rights Campaign: Burma Can’t Wait at


I hope to meet you at our Independence Potluck Picnic this coming Sunday at Viet Art Center (inside St. Anselm Episcopal Church).


Peace and Love,

Michelle Phuong Thao

Executive Director, VAC 



I. Events: Art, Culture, and Charity



1. Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day Potluck Picnic

Organized by Viet Art Center

Sponsored by St. Anselm of Canterbury Episcopal Church


Location: Viet Art Center/St. Anselm of Cantebury Episcopal Church

13091 Galway Street

Garden Grove, CA 92844

Time: 3pm-5pm 


Come (and bring food to share) and to have the final view of our exhibition “Memories of Vietnam” and join the Vietnam veterans for a picnic to celebrate Independence Day.


Everyone is welcome! I hope to meet you all at our new office inside the beautiful premise of St. Anselm Episcopal Church.


1. Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cultural Family Fun Day

Organized and sponsored by Orange County Museum of Art


Time: 12pm-4pm

Location: 850 San Clemente Drive

Newport Beach, CA


Come create cool projects inspired by the summer heat. Take a free family guided tour of the exhibition Art Since the 60’s: California Experiments and stay for the live entertaiment and Short for Shorties films curated by Newport Beach Film Festival!


Live Entertaiment Performance by

Viet Art Children’s Folk Music Group and Dragon Dancing Team

Ballet Folklorico Dancers, Jewish Performances, Native American Dancers, and more.


Come to cheer our all children performers dragon dancers from Viet Art Center and the other cultural groups.




Contact Information: 949-759-1122 or visit website for more details.


4. Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Organized by Viet  Art Center in cooperation with Vietnam National University


Guest Speaker: Professor/Writer Quyen Di

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

Topic: The Poetry of Ho Xuan Huong – Chan Thien My Trong Tho Ho Xuan Huong

English Translation: Michelle Phuong Thao (Viet Art Center – USA)

Art Illustrations: Nguyen Thi Hop (Nguoi Viet Daily News – USA) 


Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Vietnam National University

Truong Dai Hoc Xa Hoi & Nhan Van

Khoa Viet Nam Hoc  - Saigon 


Contact Information: Email if you would like to rsvp for this event



II. Career and Business Networking

1.   Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Orange County’s Annual Diversity Employment Day

Organized and sponsored by City Career Fair


Time: 11am-4pm

Location: The Embassy Suites – OC Airport North

1325 E. Dyer Road

Santa Ana, CA


If you are looking for a job or a new career, please join this event. Best wish to you!

Business attire required. Bring plenty of resumes!

Contact information: 562-409-0056 or website:



 II. Press Release of Interests


1. Garden Grove Channel 3 News: Feature Report on “Memories of Vietnam”


If you missed the report about “Memories of Vietnam” last week, view the broadcast online: - The news report “This Week in Garden Grove” on June 25, 2008. 


You get to watch the “sworn-in ceremony” of Sandra Hutchens, the “12th Orange County sheriff and the first woman to hold the position in Orange County” (,0,7582483.story?track=rss)


If you are impatience and do not wish to watch the entire 30-minute news report, fast forward to  “Memories of Vietnam” by Jennifer Samp starting at 10:30 thru 12:10.

I was interviewed at the end of report speaking about our plan to bring “Memories of Vietnam” to Vietnam in July 2010.  Then, I believe it will really be “closure” to the painful past.  I will have more details on this great plan after I get back from Vietnam.


2. Book Review: The Boat by Nam Le


We missed his special appearance last weekend in Los Angeles;  however, check out this great review of “The Boat” by Vietnamese-Australian writer Nam Le at


Quang X Pham, author of “Sense of Duty”, and probably “conservative”, sent me his comment about “The Boat” as quoted:


“Nam Le’s remarkable collection of short stories has a very good chance of getting short listed for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction next April … absolutely the best fiction writing I’ve read in a long time.” 


I understand that Quang’s wife also ditto his thoughts.  I have yet read “The Boat” but will definitely have the book on hand before my departure for Vietnam. I will be thrilled if Quang’s prediction to become true …(i.e. about the Pulizer Prize).


3. Discovery Channel: FIGHT or DIE from Executive Producer Randall Wallace


We missed this premier as well last on the Discovery Channel on Thursday, June 26 at 10pm EDT/PDT.  


You can watch the preview for the show by this link:


Based on the viewer response to this broadcast, Discovery will decide whether the show will become a weekly series.  So please tune in (or TiVo it) and please forward this email on to those you think might also be interested.  And if you like the show, please email feedback to: FEEDBACK@WHEELHOUSEENTERTAINMENT.COM


More information about the show:


From Executive Producer Randall Wallace (BRAVEHEART, PEARL HARBOR, WE WERE SOLDIERS, THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK), comes FiGHT OR DIE, an exciting new epic documentary special that captures the personal experience of war in groundbreaking fashion by delving inside the psyche of the soldier under fire, allowing viewers to walk the Thin Red Line that separates sanity from madness and the living from the dead.  Harrowing personal accounts of battle are seamlessly blended with cinematic dramatizations, digitally remastered combat footage, and a bullet-ridden soundscape to present one of the most riveting, emotional, and realistic portrayals of war ever produced for television. "We all have the capacity for depths of courage, compassion and even cruelty that we can't imagine when sitting in safety and comfort,” said Wallace.  “FIGHT OR DIE explores these extremes of human character made apparent in the cauldron of conflict."


The first episode tells the real-life story of a group of American soldiers whose lives were made famous in Wallace’s motion picture WE WERE SOLDIERS starring Mel Gibson.  On November 14, 1965 in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam, in a small clearing called Landing Zone X-Ray, 2,000 enemy soldiers surrounded 400 United States Army troopers. The ensuing battle was one of the most savage in U.S. history.  FIGHT OR DIE is a tribute to the nobility of those men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another.


Hopefully, the show will continue as a weekly series.


4. VAC/Nhom The Friends – The Precarious Flower on UTube. 


Although the CD of “The Precarious Flower” – Trinh Cong Son - at Don Walsh Auditorium is not coming out yet, you can view some of our best performances on YouTube now.


MC Khoa Cat’s introduction to "Uot Mi"


Singer Bich Van and “Lullaby”:


Singer Khanh Ly and Trinh Cong Son:


For those who are considering to “demonstrate” at future VAC/Nhom The Friends concert, for whatever reason, I hope they will think twice after watching this wonderful act from our children.


Children Choir with “I Am A Petite Rose”:


If you have comments or interested in the CD of our concert, send an email to


5. Mrs. McCain and Operation Smile in Vietnam 


Last but not least, some recent news about Mrs. McCain and her charity mission trip to Vietnam. “Smile is a priceless gift.”



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