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VIET ART CENTER FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All activities of Viet Art Center Foundation serve its sole mission, that is, to promote and to advance Viet Art and Culture in the US and around the world.


Thank you for your sponsorship of Viet Art Center Foundation & Nhom The Friends:


Vien Dong Daily Newspaper, Viet Weekly magazine, Viet Tide magazine, Radio VNCR, Saigon TV, The Korea Times Los Angeles, Little Saigon TV, VATV, Nguoi Viet – 2 weekly, Nguoi Viet Daily newspaper, Saigon Radio Hai Ngoai, SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network), VHN TV (Vietnam Hai Ngoai), Little Saigon Radio, Quincy Discount Printing, Bolsa Tickets, Coffee Factory, Uy Vu Entertainment, Perfume Company, Apex Decor, Coffee Factory, Pho Kimmy, Tan Hong Mai Restaurant, BP Travel, Phuong Lan Music Studio, Saint Anselm’s Cross Cultural Community Center, Rev. Minh Hanh & Rev. Quang Minh, Irvine Museum, Orange County Museum of Art, California State University – Fullerton, Van Son Entertainment


Current Exhibition: La Vie En Rose

Featuring Artists: Suzie Vuong and Phi Loc 





August 18, 2006: SAT Review Class Begins


Upcoming Exhibition: 8/16 to 8/30: Yesterday -  Di Vang

Two famous Vietnamese women artists: Ho Kim Quy (oil, lacquer, mixed media) coming from Saigon and Suzie Vuong (oil, watercolor) from California .


Special Exhibition: 8/16 to 9/30: South Vietnam Air Force (VNAF) Aviation Art Collection

Cartoonist/Artist Timothy Guc cordially presents his one-of-a-kind (color pencil and pastel) artworks in honoring the VNAF.


Upcoming Exhibition: 9/1 to 9/30 Mid Autumn Festival: Tet Trung Thu  

Call for Artists: summit your art works (paintings, photos, sculptures, etc) about Mid Autumn Festival. This will be a great opportunity to educate the local children about this traditional festival. Deadline: August 25, 2007


Saturday, August 25, 2007: 6:00PM to 10:00PM

Chamber Music Concert: Yesterday

Organized and sponsored by Nhom The Friends and Viet Art Center


After our successful concert,  La Vie En Rose, with more than 300 guests at Viet Art Center , Nhom The Friends and Viet Art Center cordially invites you to our next concert with theme: Yesterday. Nhom The Friends will deliver to our beloved fan with a classical selection of Vietnamese pre war music (Nhac Tien Chien) as well as French, Italian, and English music of the 60s, 70s, 80s...Nhom The Friends invites Le Quoc Tuan as our guest singer from San Jose . Le Quoc Tuan will perform with the regular members of Nhom The Friends: Bao Chau, Bich Van, Pham Ha, Luu Minh Thang, Tran Anh Bao, Uy Vu, Duy Ai, Huan Vu, Linh Thao – Vocal; Vuong Huong & Daniel Vu – Piano; Nguyen Thi Hau – Cello; Luan Vu – Violin; Truong Dang Khoa – Guitar; Minh Kiet – Guitar Bass; Nguyen Khoa Cat: MC


Michelle Phuong Thao – Stage Art : featuring two famous woman artists: Suzie Vuong, Oil Painting ( California , USA ) and Ho Kim Quy, Lacquer & Mixed Media ( Saigon , Viet Nam ).


Contact Information: Bolsa Tickets: 714:418:2499; Luan Vu – 714:467:5840; Viet Art Center : 714:534:0398




Advisory Director: Professor Quyen Di (UCLA/CSULB)


Program Director: Michelle Phuong Thao


We welcome you to Summer Time and Art Programs at Viet Art Center . A time of fairy tales, of bright sunshine, of magnificent rainbows, of cheerful laughter, of blossom fun, and of warm love.  Years from now, as we will be together, Viet Art Center will be one of your “good old memories”.  




Would you like to send your child to learn English and Art in Southern California with a safe, caring, and cultural environment?  

Program Overview

The Program is designed to address the needs of the Vietnamese Youth. It offers the ideal mix of learning English and Art while enjoying the cultural benefits of living in Southern California , renowned for education, food, art and festivals.

It consists of quality English lessons, homestay, and an exciting full-day schedule of activities, including daily interaction with the middle and high school students in Viet Art After School and Summer Program. The program is tailored to individual needs and is usually of three-month duration, but may be reduced or extended according to your requirements. The choice is up to you.


In addition, the program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and rewarding experience of life in Southern California . You will have the opportunity to stay with an American host family and explore Southern California through weekend, day and evening excursions and visits to cultural destinations. Especially, the participants will visit and inquire the local middle and high school (grade 6-12), both private and public. If the participants decide to attend one of these schools, Viet Art Center will assist to change visa (from B2 - Tourist to F1 - Student) and to enroll participants in a middle or high school of his choice.


Participants will travel with an adult artist during his trip to US and back to Viet Nam . Program available year-round. For more contact information in Hanoi and Saigon , and brochure of this program, please send email to





HALF: DAY (8am: noon or noon: 6pm): $15/DAY; SESSION: $10/EACH; FULL DAY: $25/DAY


Featuring: Vietnamese ( Cam Tien), Critical Thinking and Creative Writing (Michelle Phuong Thao, Sarah, and Alicia), Math and Science (Thu Mai and Vu Mai), Drum (Jimmy Tran), Guitar (David Tran and Khoa Tran), Drawing (Timothy Guc), Martial Art: Dich Vo Dao (Great Master Hung Phong and Master Giang), Leadership Development (Eagle Scouts: Nathaan Phan and Vinh Phan), Movie Times    




Orientation Date: July 28, 2007

Grade: 9th:12th 

Date:  Session One: 8/18/07 – 10/6/07: 7 weeks      

            Session Two: 10/13/07 – 11/24/07 – 7 weeks

Time:              9:00 am – 1:00 pm (every Saturday)

Fee:       $500 per session

            (15% discount for After School Student)


Instructor Team’s Profile: Mai Vu (UCLA) and Nguyen Mai (UCLA)


Nguyen Mai (UCLA): Hi!  My name is Nguyen Mai, and I will be teaching the Critical Reading and Writing portion of the SAT Prep Class. Currently I am a second year in the Honors Collegium at UCLA and a state finalist Alumni Scholar.  I am a psychobiology major and neuroscience minor looking to pursue career in medicine.  I took the SATs in 2005 and scored 800 in Critical Reading and 720 in Writing.  At La Quinta High School , I was the Class of 2006 valedictorian, English Department Student of the Year, and Bank of America Achievement Award recipient in the field of Science & Math.  I have been through the testing and admissions process and I feel I have a lot to offer.  I look forward to working with everyone, and I hope to see you soon.



Mai Vu (UCLA): Hi, my name is Vu Mai.  I just graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Chemical/Biomedical Engineering, and I am currently applying to dental schools.  I will be the math/science and SAT review instructor at Viet Art Center .  Math and Science have always been my two favorite subjects ever since I was little.  Therefore, I really enjoy and feel motivated learning and teaching these two subjects.  I have experience in teaching and tutoring children and high school students before.  Therefore, I am confident in my ability to teach, tutor, and help the students at Viet Art Center .  I am excited and looking forward to be part of the team and to work with you at Viet Art Center .




Co organized by Viet Art Center & St. Anselm’s Cross Cultural Community Center

Please see the attached brochure for complete information


Viet Art After School Program

Kindergarten – 12pm to 4pm: Homework Assistance Vietnamese, Art, Book Reading, Checkers, Brain Quest, Math, English, and Social Development


Grade 1through 12 – 3pm to7pm: Homework Assistance (VAC Staffs), Martial Arts (Great Master Hung Phong and Master Giang), Vietnamese (Cam Tien), Viet Art Children Choir (Phuong Lan and Hong Trang), Art (Timothy Guc), Checkers and Chess (VAC Staffs, Leadership Development (Vi Kha, Nathaan, and Vinh), Public Speaking Training (VAC Guest Instructors)      


Tuition: $25 Registration Fee, $225/month; $200 for second sibling

Drop in: $15 per day; $8 per session; Full Day: $30 per day  


St. Anselm’s Cross Cultural Community Center – Transportation Service

Van pick up at any school in Orange County and drop off at Viet Art Center

Service Fee:  $30/week for 5 trips; $22/ week for 3 trips

$20/week for second sibling from the same school (5 trips)

Drivers are in uniform, screened, and formally trained to work with children



Creative Writing: Michelle Phuong Thao


The autumn night had arrived. The moon was shining on the mossy wall. The willow was weeping by the lotus pond. I invited you to go with me to visit my small cottage in the wild jungle near by a peaceful spring. I told you many stories, the stories about love, about friendship, about Viet Nam . I invited you to drink with me a cup of lotus tea to cleanse our exhausted heart. Lotus scent lightened the strong tea. I invited you to watch with me a lotus flower to forget our bitter life. Who knows lotus was broken into pieces…


Fine Art Basics/Graphic Design: Timothy Guc


Graduated BA in Studio Art from Elmira College , New York , Timothy Duc is one of the few most famous Vietnamese editorial cartoonists – nickname – Guc. Timothy Duc designed patches and emblems for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America . Timothy Guc is a founder of, a website for building VNAF model aircraft and a resource of unbiased information and educational materials on Vietnam War. Besides, Timothy Duc is also an expert in graphic design.


Fine Art Basics – Oil Painting:  Nguyen Phong

Profile coming soon


Vietnamese: Cam Tien  

Graduated BA from National University of Social Science and Humanities, Vietnam . Cam Tien has been teaching Vietnamese to American students for six years. Cam Tien is attending California State University – Long Beach (CSULB) for Master degree in Education.


Violin: Luan Vu


Leader of Nhom The Friends – Handsome, fashionable, talented, and passionate about classical music: Vietnamese, French, et al. – these words are complimentary from Michelle Phuong Thao. Luan Vu will teach you the romantic sound of violin. 


Vietnamese Martial Arts: Dich Vo Dao: Great Master Hung Phong and Master Giang


Great Master Hung Phong found Dich Vo Dao after more than 40 years learning and practicing various kind of popular Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Karate ...) Dich Vo Dao focuses on self-defense using the philosophy of Three Roles: Heaven:Human:Earth (Thien:Nhan:Dia). Children will learn Dich Vo Dao as part of our After School Program to build self-confidence and discipline. 


Viet Art Children Choir – lead by Musician: Hong Trang; Pianist: Phuong Loan


Musician/Conductor: Hong Trang  

Musician Hong Trang graduated Bachelor of Arts, Van Khoa University ( Saigon , Vietnam ) and graduated Music Conductor Program, Bach Music Academy ( Saigon , Viet Nam ). Hong Trang taught music at Nguyen Ba Tong High school and Thanh Nhan University ( Saigon , Vietnam ). For more than 20 years, Hong Trang has been conducting music for the Hoa Bien Choir at St. Bonaventure, Huntington Beach , California . Hong Trang is a lecturer of the topic: Teaching Vietnamese Through Music for the Vietnamese Teaching Training Programs. Hong Trang composed & arranged music for these two CDs:  Con Tim Viet Nam (A Vietnamese Heart) and Loi Chim Non (The Words of Young Bird)


Pianist: Phuong Lan


Pianist Phuong Lan is a piano teacher, teaching classical music, music theory, and modern music at Youth Place, Music Learning Center ( Santa Ana , California ) and Phuong Lan Music Studio. Phuong Lan is a member of California Association of Professional Music Teacher. She has 25 years of experience as a concert pianist performing with symphony orchestras. In addition to performing, Phuong Lan has composed and arranged music for various ensembles. Beside that, she is pianist at Saint Columban Church Choir in Garden Grove, California.


Guitar: David Tran


I will give you a small idea about myself. Upon receiving my BA in Music Education from SUNY Potsdam . I have had the opportunity to play in numerous bands ranging in styles from Rock, Funk, and Blues, R&B, Folk, Jazz, and Vietnamese music. I have been teaching for ten years and hope to teach you.


Drum:  Jimmy


My name is Jimmy Tran. I have a BM composition degree in Cal State Fullerton and Musician Institute in Hollywood . I studied classical and jazz percussion at CSUF and focus on funk and Latin at M.I. The teachers I have studied with are world renown: Todd miller, Chuck Silverman and Rob Carson to name a few. I have done studio work and toured Southern California and Mexico with my R & B band Vinyl Soul.  I have played high corporate function such as 2006 Academy Awards after party. My focus with students will deal with advance hand techniques for all level types and to broaden their musical styles on the Drum set.


Leadership Development – Nathan Phan & Vinh Phan (OCHSA & Eagle Scouts)


Nathaan Phan’s special skills include magic, celebrity impressions and dialects, dance, balloon animals, stunt work, filming, juggling, tenor, writing, etc. etc., et etc.



Viet Art Kidz wrote about the Vietnamese proverb:

Mot cay lam chang nen non : Ba cay chum lai nen hon nui cao

One tree accomplishes not much : Three trees join together to make a high mountain 


This proverb means that if we team up (or unite), we can accomplish any type of work, also I want to say something: Unity and skills equal perfect. Remember, with unity, we can do almost anything. (Daniel, 3rd, 8 years old)




 Inside Viet Art – July/August 2007: - will be published and distributed at the upcoming concert of Nhom The Friends: Yesterday - featuring The Vietnamese Humorous Folk Stories by Professor Quyen Di/English translation by Que Nghi and introducing Artist Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc from Saigon , Vietnam & Artist Suzie Vuong fromCalifornia, USA  



          A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation to support and to promote Viet Art & Culture