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Last week, Viet Weekly newspaper published an interview with artist Trinh Cung (from Vietnam ) about Viet Art Center . Professor Quyen Di and I (Michelle Phuong Thao – Executive Director @ Viet Art Center ) wrote these articles in response to artist Trinh Cung -  published this week on Viet Weekly newspaper. We thank Viet Weekly newspaper for providing us an opportunity to voice our response in its entirety. Since these comments were relating solely to the Vietnamese Artist community, in Vietnam and overseas, and the interview with artist Trinh Cung was posted on Viet Weekly website, I am sending to you our articles for review for you to understand more about the mission of Viet Art Center .  I apologize to our American friends on this distribution list as I have decided not to translate these articles in English. 




We will send out our monthly newsletter next week with the article: Mother In Poetry – written by Professor QuyenDi/Translation by Que Nghi/Painting Ilustration by Nguyen Thi Hop.





Saturday, June 9, 2007 – 1:00PM-4:00PM


·         MUSICAL RECITAL – LHQ Studio - Private Event


Saturday, June 23, 2007 – 6:00PM-10:00PM




Nhom The Friends would like to introduce a musical evening – Theme: La Vie En Rose. The program includes romantic masterpieces of France , Italy , England , etc. from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, ... All these songs were once loved and still love by millions of Vietnamese fans.

With special appearance of singer Linh Thao from Montreal, Canada, together with members of Nhom The Friends: Pham Ha, Bich Van, Tran Anh Bao, Bao Chau, Luu Minh Thang, Duy Ai, Uy Vu – Vocal; Vuong Huong & Danniel Vu – Piano; Luan Vu – Violin; Nguyen Thi Hau – Cello; Truong Dang Khoa – Guitar; Nguyen Khoa Cat – M.C.; and Michelle Phuong Thao – Stage Art featuring the romantic paintings of Suzie Vuong, Phi Loc, Huy Dung.

Nhom The Friends selected Viet Art Center for this theme concert since Viet Art Center has a warm and cozy atmosphere. The guests should come a bit early to take a walk on the paved Historic Main Street , which was praised as the “most romantic street in Orange County ” by many Vietnamese artists. The street is designed with an ancient European style with large parking lot (in the back). Before the program, guests will also enjoy the beautiful painting selections featuring some contemporary artists. The warm and cozy atmosphere will further enhance with the aromatic scents of coffee and best of all, the elegant sound of classical music.  We hope to see you at this meaningful and enchanting night. 

Special Promotion: - Register your children to Viet Art Center Summer Program and receive complimentary ticket to La Vie En Rose concert & receive 10-minute phone card to VietNam .

Contact Information: Luan Vu – 714-467-5840 Viet Art Center : 714-534-0398

Tickets available @, Bolsa Ticket – 714-418-0499 & Viet Art Center


Sunday, June 24, 2007 – 3:30PM-5:30PM



- Vietnamese Folk Humorous Story: Truyen Cuoi Dan Gian

- Professor Quyen Di

- English Translation: Michelle Phuong Thao

- Painting Illustration: Hoang Phuong Vy, Dao Vu, Tran Quang Minh, Thuc Quyen, Ly Thu Ha, Nguyen Thi Thoa

- Tickets: Non-member $8/Member $6







This class is for adults (American & second generation Vietnamese) who wish to learn conversational Vietnamese. Every Saturday starting June 9nd, 9:30am-11:00am – contact Viet Art Center 858-414-5724 for class details




Want to be a TV cameraman? Learn filming, editing, and related topics about TV production. This class is taught by TV professionals from Little Saigon TV. Six Saturday sessions starting June 9th, 9:30am-12:30pm  - Limited seats available - Contact Viet Art Center 858-414-5724 for class details. 





The following art classes (private & group – adult & children) and tutoring services are available at Viet Art Center throughout the week – Guitar (David Tran), Creative Writing (Michelle Phuong Thao), Drawing (Angelique Duyen), Violin (Luan Vu from Nhom The Friends), Calligraphy (Chau Thuy)





Session I – June 25 through July 27 (Closed July 4)

Session II – July 30 through August 31


The Viet Art Summer Program runs Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Class Information


Cost – The cost of the summer program is non-member $150/week – member: $125/week – Drop in: $45 per day


- Special discount for low-income family and siblings


Field Trips – Every Friday the children will go on field trips visiting parks, museums, galleries and artist studios.


Registration Fees – A non-refundable deposit of one-week tuition is due when you register to guarantee a space. We accept checks and money orders (payable to Viet Art Center ). A charge of $10 will be made for checks returned for any reason.


Register before June 15 and receive:

1.                          A complimentary ticket to La Vie En Rose concert

2.                          A collection of 2006 Transvietimex Magazine (as supply available)


Program Schedule:


- All children will participate in Book Reading, Math Review, Drawing, Creative Writing, & Field Trip

- Each child will choose one additional activity: Vietnamese, Guitar, Calligraphy, Vocal.

- Free activity is with approval from the instructors - sample activities are computer, chess, reading, drawing, or...taking a nap...

- Materials for guitar, vocal, art & creativity lessons are purchased separately

- Young Stage Talent Show: Summer Art Children shows off their talents weekly on stage – Prize available at each show – and if we are really good, our talent show will be featuring on LittleSaigonTV. 

- Young Pen column: Selected writings from summer camp children will be published in monthly Inside Viet Art newsletter in the Young Pen column.





Advisory Director: Professor Quyen Di (UCLA/CSULB)


Program Director: Michelle Phuong Thao

We welcome you to Summer Time at Viet Art Center . A time of fairy tales, of bright sunshine, of magnificent rainbows, of cheerful laughter, of blossom fun, and of warm love.  Years from now, as we will be together, this summer will be one of your “good old summer time”.  


-        Math: Don Nguyen (UCLA) 

My name is Don Nguyen.  I recently have graduated from UCLA as a Neuroscience major as I plan to go to Philadelphia for medical school in the fall.  One thing that I have noticed is that math is something we can never escape from.  Classes that I took in preparation for medical school such as physics and chemistry demand a strong grip and understanding of mathematics.  The ability to work with numbers comes in handy in the classroom and most definitely outside the classroom as well.  I have been tutoring students most of my college career and I am looking forward to teaching you this summer.


-        Creative Writing: Monique Keleman (UCLA)

Creative writing is both an outlet for an individual’s artistic energy and a journey inward to a greater understanding of a person’s motivation and passion. I have recently graduated from UCLA with an English degree specializing in creative writing, and I have had amazing opportunities to work closely with some of the most respected and critically-acclaimed professors and fiction writers in the nation. I hope that I can share with you some of the experiences I have had. Creative writing is a form of art, and I will work with you to explore the different uses of words and thoughts to create your own individual masterpiece.


-        Guitar: David Tran

I'll give you a small idea about myself. Upon receiving my BA in Music Education from SUNY Potsdam, I've had the opportunity to play in numerous bands ranging in styles from Rock, Funk, Blues, R&B, Folk, Jazz, and Vietnamese music. I've been teaching for ten years and hope to teach you.


-        Drawing: Angelique Duyen

My name is Angelique, and I've been drawing and painting for more than ten years. To me, art is the mean of humanity. Art is to celebrate life and to employ a memory onto concrete creation. My works are centered on human, the human figures, and portraiture. But it is not limited to such, for life is also about nature and human's accomplishment. I use broad spectrum of mediums, from pencils, pastel, charcoal, to watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage, cutout. I also venture into abstract, cubism, impressionism, and other styles in my own works. For I believe in widening my own capacity and challenging new heights. My approach to art is practical, but never without emphasizing on the creativity aspect of making it. I believe in freedom of expression, that each expression is unique.


-        Calligraphy: Chau Thuy

The Western calligraphy means “beautiful writing” and reflects an interest in ornamental words on the artwork. Việt Calligraphy, as well as the other Asian calligraphy, has been regarded as an elegant art form since the olden time. Việt Calligraphy, as a unique combination of East and West, is practiced today by many people around the world.

I hope that together with you, we will discover another form of expression that go beyond the mere ability of simple communication. 


-        Voice: Le Hong Quang (Vocal) & Thu Thuy (Piano)

Le Hong Quang graduated top of his class from the Saigon Conservatory in 1995. He graduated in 2003 from California State University , Fullerton . Today, he is the main tenor for the Ngan Khoi Chorus performs regularly at many chamber music programs. He established Le Hong Quang Studio to teach vocal lessons and have been participated by many students, youngsters and adults.


Hi, my name is Thu Thuy. I am 16.  I started piano lessons at the age of 6 and was chosen to study in the National Conservatory of Hanoi, Vietnam. In January this year, I was accepted to come to US to study music.  Currently, I am pianist  at Saint Anselm Episcopal Parish in Garden Grove . I love classical and Vietnamese music. I hope to share with you my lifelong passion.






-           Viet Art Center welcome paintings of member artists from Viet Nam – also member artists of Zen Gallery in Saigon - arriving this weekend


-          Inside Viet Art – May 2007 will feature Artist Nguyen Thi Kim Chi – from Saigon , Vietnam

-          Inside Viet Art – Exhibition: Mother’s Heart – Artist Nguyen Thi Hop – 5/12-5/30

-          Inside Viet Art – Exhibition: The Epical History of Vietnam – Author: Professor Quyen Di, English Translator: Michelle Phuong Thao, Calligrapher Chu Thanh Thi, Artists: Nguyen Ri , Hoang Phuong Vy, Nguyen Tuan, Ho Nam , Huy Hoang, Ly Thu Ha, Thuc Quyen, Do Thi Thoa, & Trinh Tuan 5/12-5/30




-          A 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation to support and to promote Viet Art & Culture – are in process of filing for tax-exempt with state and federal government (should take about 6-8 weeks).  Will update on status of this great non-profit organization.