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The Viet Art Center (VAC) is the main office of the Viet Art Center Foundation, formed as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization. VAC serves as a community art center to support contemporary artists engaging in all forms of cultural arts. Our mission is to preserve and advance Vietnamese arts and culture; foster creativity and excellence; provide exhibition space to new and established artists; promote educational programs and activities that encourage public awareness, participation, and appreciation of arts and culture. VAC is a unique bridge to foster improved friendship and economic ties between Vietnamese-American communities and American communities.

Our Center has an opportunity to add greatly to the diverse cultural offerings and vibrant quality of life, to provide an avenue to enhance our understanding and participation in the increasingly global and interconnected society, and to assist the economic and community development of California. There are no models of such a center for the growing Vietnamese-American community in Southern California. VAC will serve as a cultural focus for the grandness of Vietnamese art, culture, sport, and culinary specialties. It will be the first and only distribution center for world-class traveling exhibitions of Vietnamese art and cultural treasures in the U.S. on a continuous basis. It will become a great attraction for Californians as well as for tourists to California from the surrounding states. Additionally, given the complexity of politics, economy, and society in the Vietnamese-American communities, the Center can also offer a variety of helpful resources to efforts of American domestic companies as they seek to access the expanding Vietnamese-American market and economy. Opening in February 2007, the Center's operations have been guided by five major missions:

  • Serve as a unique exhibition facility to organize world-class exhibitions of Vietnamese art treasures and cultural artifacts;
  • Serve as an organizer of traveling exhibitions to tour major museums in North America with a purpose of improving American understanding;
  • Serve as an educational institution to promote teaching, research, and learning about Vietnamese art and culture;
  • Serve as a host and organizer of major music, dance, and other performances by leading Vietnamese artists and experts; and
  • Serve as a liaison and information center between American businesses with interests in the Vietnamese-American communities, and the appropriate Vietnamese agencies and/or counterparts.

VAC, as a young non-profit entity, is privileged to have two distinguished professors: Nguyen Van Hanh (George Mason University) and Quyen Di (University of California - Los Angeles), to join the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is planning to invite additional reputable individuals, American and Vietnamese, who also share the same mission, and interest in assisting VAC to become "a symbol of the artistic and intellectual inspiration of many in our diverse Vietnamese American communities" (Nguyen Van Hanh). To ensure ongoing operation in 2008, VAC will establish an endowment to support its operational expenses, cultural activities, and educational programs to the Vietnamese-American communities. We hope that you will support VAC.